Friday, 28 May 2010

Frogged ~`;

I know it's shameful!!  I got carried away, stopped paying attention, and TOTALLY STUFFED my lovely new crazy zauberball sock creation..
Talked to my sis to get new ideas to start again.... Nikki recommends I knit small samples of the different knitting I want to use for the cuff and leg !? (although she did concede that a knitting friend of hers knits something for an inch and if she doesn't like it rips and starts again and this is more akin to my method!)
Anyway I really fancy some lacy type knits but think I need something to de-stress so I might go for a summer sock.... as in fairly short! (luckily I have a slightly underweight ball of yarn to accommodate;) .... maybe in a 3x1 rib so I can wear it comfortably with trainers etc if I ever get to cycle along a canal towpath this year...

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