Tuesday, 4 May 2010

dpn research...

Okay I can't pretend not to LOVE this but I'm into my second month of dpn research and thought I'd share my findings... a sort of dpn review if you like...

So far I've looked at metal, wood and bamboo..

Out of the 3 I've narrowed down to bamboo (although I've got a set of 5" square Kollage which I really love and Brittany Birch are pretty cool too!)

I've been totally seduced by Sox Stix by Lantern Moon

 They ARE beautiful!!!
 and Blue Sky Alpacas in their beautiful tins totally got my vote (even at the price... cos I LOVE the tins:)

Okay... so both of the above have gorgeous packaging (and Yes! I love it!) but I want to sell something that really is the best for purpose (without creative packaging... because in my mind the lovely creative people I've had the pleasure to grow up with do, actually, prefer to make their own carriers..
so I want to offer the best quality dpns... and you can make your own package ( I may even blog a few ideas)

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