Saturday, 12 June 2010

Crazy Zauberball

I've spent today messing around with the camera... which has been tranquil bliss. There's an awful lot  of buttons and settings and adjustments... so I've been trying out a few of the simpler ones to start with...  some photos came out black even though it's a well lit room!! ... so i thought I'd leave that particular setting for another time ;)
Anyway I chose Crazy Zauberball for todays photoshoot...

First along the catwalk is Tropical Fish..

Next up it's...

U-boat... which, incidentally, looks like it's on a proper white background compared to Tropical Fish. Mmm.. must work out what settings I had it on!.. wish I'd taken notes..

...and here we have Autumn Winds... which I just picked 'cos it's the only other photo with a nice white background ;)

Right... I'm off to try and figure this out... pip ^..^

1 comment:

  1. oh pretties.....I have never tried Zauberball, but have seen it...