Sunday, 5 September 2010

Knitting Kits

Okay... I'm jumping the gun here slightly as I'm still waiting on a delivery of project bags... but, once that arrives, the first Knitting Kits are ready!! Yay :)

..and they are...

Zauberball gauntlets by Art Yarn...

Marrak and Alanya cosy alpaca bed/slouch socks using Hummingbird 4ply by Jeannette Sloan

The most beautiful scarf/shawlette I've seen using zauberball or crazy zauberball by Mimi Hill...

... and Mini Mochi Springy Ring Mittens by Crystal Palace yarns..

I've ordered the cotton project bags from Supreme Creations... and it took me, literally, an age to design a discrete and simple "artwork"..ahem (they call it that) to go on the bottom first attempt of a ball of yarn and needles was deemed to look like a 'punkish skull 'n crossbones' by nearest and dearest... and got a response of 'I don't like it' from my other authority on these matters! crushing!! however, not to be defeated... I persevered... came up with something they deemed to be alright and requested it be discrete (ie. small ;)

Anyway... I can't wait for them to arrive :)


  1. i'll be ordering the zauerball shawl kit for my daughter! how exciting this must be for you, having these come together. can't wait to see the bags. :)

  2. the gauntlets are calling me...

  3. The gauntlets are stunning in zauerball!