Thursday, 17 February 2011

alternative yarn giveaway winner

Having waited a week and searched around as much as I can I haven't been able to contact LadyCthe1st... the yarn giveaway winner. In fact, my investigation skills are so poor that I haven't even managed to work out which country she lives in!!
So I've chosen the next entrant on the list .... Krispian! who writes a very enjoyable blog that I follow. He will now receive his chosen yarn Malabrigo Impressionist Sky :-) Congratulations Krispian!


  1. Well ..... now I'm stamping my foot! Definitely next time!

  2. Wow Thank you. I cannot wait to start knitting with it! :-). Cheered up my day (currently sewing a jumper together).

  3. It arrived today. Thank you.

    I love the tote bag, the thoughtful note and the yarn.

    I am going to put it to my secret project :-).