Monday, 13 June 2011

Y Cei

The place in Llwyndafydd (West Wales) where I've spent many happy times has been put on the market so we spent the weekend there and, for once, I didn't just take pictures of the coastline...

Doggies in the window of a local hairdressers ^..^

Inscription by the River Teifi in Cardigan
Ceri Wyn Jones's poem 'Y Cei'... For those leaving or returning, and those bidding farewell or welcoming loved ones home, it is a place of beginnings and endings, of sunset and sunrise; it can be as bitter as brine or as comforting as a breeze.

A neighbour moving his small herd past the house

A friend's cute schnauzer puppies 

Looking on the bright side, the housing market is so slow, I may get to spend many more days there :)


  1. Those puppies are adorable! And I love the picture of the man moving his herd down the street.

  2. I love the doggies in the window - and as for the pups ...... adorable!!

  3. These are absolutely the cutest little puppies... gosh I miss the dogs...