Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Plum Jam, Plum Gin

As the plum tree in LLyndafydd was full of fruit I decided to have a go at making plum jam and plum gin :-)

For the jam I put 4lbs of plums which had been cut in half and de-stoned into a large pot with a pint of water and simmered for about half an hour.

4lbs of sugar was gently warmed in the oven and stirred into the stewed plums (off the heat) until dissolved. 

I looked up the pectin content of plums, and as it is meant to be high, thought I wouldn't need to add shop bought pectin in order for it to set.

The next part got a little messy... the instructions are to boil the jam rapidly until setting point is reached. To test if the jam has reached this point you need to drop a little onto a cold saucer and see if it is beginning to jellify... sounds pretty straightforward!

Rapidly boil

The first thing I realised is that you need a very large pan to rapidly boil this quantity of jam without getting jam everywhere. Secondly, as I continued to rapidly boil, it wasn't reaching setting point.

Luckily I had bought 4 lemons, which are also used to increase pectin levels so I started adding lemon juice to the jam. This worked and by the time I'd added the juice of 3 lemons setting point had been reached. Also the lemon gives a lovely tang to the jam :) Then stir in a knob of butter.

The jam was then put into jars which had been sterilised in the microwave (wet and leave a quarter filled with cold water. Then microwave for 1 minute) and dried in the oven...

... poured into the pots, a disk of waxed paper placed in the top wax side down and the jars covered and left to cool.

Plum Gin... prick plums with a fork all over and half fill a Kilner jar. Add 100g sugar and top up with gin :-)

Shake every day until sugar is dissolved and store in a cool, dark place... for as long as you can ;-)


  1. Well I know who's house _I'm_ coming to eat at! Looks lovely!

  2. I hope the Jam comes out well. How long did it take to clean the pan? Tell me how the gin turns out! Looks lovely!

  3. The pan was easy... the rest of the kitchen was a bit more tricky ;)