Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Hey Ewe!

Fairly recently, as I was whiling away my time on Twitter, I stumbled upon a worthy cause; Saving Rare Breeds struck a chord with me as my brother was passionate about organic farming and rare breed livestock. Coupled with this is the obvious fact that I own a yarn shop which lends a certain affinity, and no uncertain obligation, towards our fleecy friends! °l°(,,,,); °l°(,,,,); °l°(,,,,);

As I currently live in a cottage with a small garden (albeit surrounded by fields of Welsh sheep!) it's unlikely that I'll be rescuing any rare breeds personally any time soon. However, with the help of @sheepsaving I am now the proud sponsor of a North Ronaldsay ewe called Izzy. Okay, I know this is hardly a flock but it is a start and she is extremely cute!

I'm on the lookout for sock weight yarn from native rare breeds; I currently stock Opal's Schafpate2 which is from a German rare breed but haven't come across any wholesale equivalent in the UK...


  1. Your sheep is a beauty! I would be the first person to order from you if you found some rare breed sock yarn! Well, one of the first anyway! :-)

  2. She is a cracker of a sheep. Full of personality and very noisy :)

  3. Hiya
    i am Izzys breeder. Glad to hear she is doing well up in Yorkshire.
    Regarding rare breed wool why dont you get in touch with the North Ronaldsay Mill? They spin the wool of the native North Ronaldsays and im sure they export it.
    If you stay in touch i may be of help as i am relocating to the island myself in the next month.
    And i needlefelt sheep using rare breed wool too!
    check my stuff out on www.woollywally.com

  4. Hiya
    i am Izzies breeder. I wonder if you have been in touch with the Mill on the Island of North Ronaldsay? I know they spin the wool of the native sheep and im sure they export it. If you stay in touch i will be able to find out personally as i am relocating there in about a month!
    I needle felt sheep out of rare breed wool, inspirational sheep arent they??

  5. Just had a look at your site.... Love the woolly Wallies! I'll try contacting the Mill to see if there is any sock weight yarn available... thanks for the tip :) Good luck with your relocation... sounds like a brilliant place to live!