Saturday, 15 May 2010


I'm currently working on a sock pattern for Zauberball sock yarn and am trying to decide between Fuchsia...

Stone Washed...

or Little Fox from the Crazy range...

I'm thinking Little Fox would look great with me old Birkenstocks ... but Stone Washed would be good with denim shorts/dungaree types of things (as I'm definately up for the socks and shorts look this year!! ;)... though OH may well be walking at a bit of a distance from the fashion-challenged crazy sock woman!) 
On the other hand I like the clashy (not an actual word so technically not a sp) combination of purple, orange, red and pink in the Fuchsia...?

Anyway... I haven't finished writing the pattern yet so I've plenty time to contemplate, ponder, ruminate and generally engage in all the other types of mental tortures indecisive people put themselves through on a daily basis ;)


  1. Go for little fox... it is really cute.
    Love, Nikki

  2. mmm.... yea you're right.. although I've been looking at crazy tropical fish which would be great fun to knit up cos it's so wacky looking in the flesh (so to speak) ... but I think I'll go with Little Fox :)