Thursday, 24 June 2010

Learning curve ~~~

Still playing with the camera and trying to decide on some sort of images for the 1/2 page ad in knitting magazine in September.... current thinking is to go for a clean white grid of squares with a yarn or logo image in each square... slightly like the home page of the sock yarn shop but with all the squares together ... like a grid ;)

Anyway now I want to get individual images that appear to be floating in white nothingness... which will fit nicely into a grid... so I've tried a few and have noticed a few potential flaws in my plan!

First... every photo seems to be floating in white nothingness APART from the bottom left corner... which isn't!

I'm thinking this may be to do with my hastily constructed sunshield in the conservatory which must be blocking more light from the bottom left (which happens to be where my 'block' is)... so I may be able to fix this by waiting for a cloudy weekend afternoon rather than being so eager on a sunny evening after work!

Secondly... I think i need to keep in touch with real life sizing issues... otherwise I seem to be offering a GIANT 50gram ball of artesano hummingbird (in comparison to the neighbouring shelf of 4 100g balls of Noro)!

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