Sunday, 6 June 2010

A new start...

As you can see I've restarted the frogged crazy zauberball socks... I'm going for a shorter leg and have used a 3x1 rib.... not a lot to show for half term... life just always seems to be one step ahead of me at the minute... hey ho ;) back to work in the morning...


  1. I love it - and it's a beautiful photo! I so want that yarn that my coveting hurts. I logged on to confess my sins: the photo of the spiderweb wasn't mine, I used a stock photo (sob). I promise to be good from now on ...

  2. ... your photos (before the...ahem..spiderweb one.. ;) helped inspire me to get a camera... which I'm now learning to use ... so thanks :)

  3. that yarn looks lovely! good luck with the socks