Friday, 2 July 2010


... and finally ... it's Friday :) and I've gone for the softness of Hummingbird for todays photo shoot (OH reckons I should be able to shoot some 'little photos for a magazine advert' in a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon!!... so obviously 3 weeks and counting doesn't quite reach up to his expectations ;)

Anyway I'm just enjoying the process so much... my current kind of photography seems to be stress free relaxation... learning a little as I go! I'm still using 3 different camera options randomly and haven't taken the time to write down what I'm using so I can work out what is working... athough that's on the agenda for tomorrow;)

The 3 options are:

1. P... on this setting I set the white balance by taking a pic of the white background before I start shooting (this is the most technical!)

2. Auto... just point and shoot

3. Macro... this is for close ups ... I really want to take some close-up pics on macro and compare with the first 2 to see what the difference is...

Hummingbird sock yarn is 100% superfine Peruvian alpaca and made by Manos del Uruguay.... which is a cooperative of over 800 women who produce hand spun, hand dyed yarn.

Peru also happens to be where Paddington, everyones favourite bear, comes from ^..^ (a Paddington stare)

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  1. These are my favorite photos so far. They look great!