Wednesday, 28 July 2010

knitting kits

Over the last few weeks I've been thinking about knitting kits for the shop ... which patterns/yarns to include....  how to package them ... how to photograph and present them

As usual I've spent a lot of, ahem, 'research' time looking up what's currently on offer ;)

my thoughts so far are:

- small project knits ... socks/beanies/gauntlets/cowls/cushions etc based around particular sock yarns (with a choice of shade)

- each kit to contain the required yarn and needles plus a free cotton project bag and pattern

- I'd like to pack them in a small cardboard box and offer a free gift wrap and message service

So far so good :)

I'm thinking of 3 to start with ... a Noro Kureyon sock kit, a Zauberball gauntlet kit and an Admiral Tausendschon sock kit

Kureyon shade 150 ...

... any thoughts/ideas appreciated :)


  1. hmm... i'm not sure I would buy kits because I know I already have the needles I need and wouldn't want to pay for them again. Also, how do you account for those who knit on dpn's vs. those who prefer two circulars?

    Cool idea, though! I love love the yarn you showed!

  2. thanks Sarah
    it's great to hear your thoughts :) ... I considered an option to buy the kits without needles... but, as I'd like to keep the pattern+project bag free, then i'd be just giving away a bag+pattern with each yarn... which I don't think I could afford to do... I could possibly do this if I charged cost on the bag though..
    dpns v circulars is another good point... I'm thinking of starting with dpns and adding a circular option at some point.
    I love that yarn too... i picked my current favourite shade for the pic :)

  3. I LOVE this idea! Even though I might already own the size needle that's included, I can always use a spare set. It sounds like a great gift for a new knitter (in fact, I would buy one for my oldest daughter). I love the completeness of the kit and think it's a charming idea. Count me in!

  4. I agree with first comment i would not add needles to the kit,perhap you could do a kit for beinners who would love the correct size of needle to hand. It sounds like a great idea I'd would join.

  5. thanks Heldasland ... that sounds like a good idea... I could perhaps offer easier patterns with the beginners kits :)