Tuesday, 24 August 2010

knitting kits ....Part 3

I'm still happily absorbed in working out some knitting kits... but... indecisive as always... I just can't decide on a pattern for the Manos del Uruguay Hummingbird 4ply!
I've narrowed the choice down to 3... which are all sock patterns by the same designer...

..which one to choose? ... any thoughts/opinions/advice are... as usual... greatly appreciated :)



  1. hmm. I can't decide between Alanya and Diamond. Alanya really shows off the yarn, but Diamond does too, with a little flourish. If absolutely forced to pick because someone was going to torture me, I guess I'd go with Alanya. :)

  2. I love the look of Diamond but I wonder if the texture on top of the foot would drive me crazy in shoes?!?! Alanya would be my second choice!

  3. Oh I love that last one! So fun! I really do need to learn how to knit socks, lol.

  4. Just gotta say, I love your blog design. And your yarn. And also your socks. Like the diamonds best, but they seem the least wearable... knitter's dilemma!