Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Beautiful Buttons

I love buttons... all kinds, always have! I love big tins of random buttons that I remember from childhood... and pick up solitary buttons I find and pop 'em in my pocket (for luck! ... a bit like 'find a penny...' but with buttons ;) Maybe I picked up a button once and something good happened... I don't remember ...

So I was, of course, very pleased to find that.. the marvellously tasteful crudmonkey had chosen these!! ... 8 delightful little metal buttons and 2 large flowery retro buttons.... I Love 'em.

The problem is.... what do I do with my beautiful new buttons? I mean... I can quite happily just take them out and admire them and tuck them safely away again for another day... when I take them out to admire them... etc etc
Or ... put alongside my lovely new yarn... a buttoned cowl perhaps (either using the metal buttons or the flowery ones... as both are perfectly matched... clever crudmonkey ^..^) ... or should the special yarn be used in making the Swedish Fish socks?
                                                                ><>     ><>     ><>
                                                                       ><>      ><>      ><>
                                                                ><>     ><>     ><>

We (as in the royal donkey and I) have a dilemma (albeit a parrticularly nice one)!


  1. it is raining buttons today!! :) haha:) looks like you have a tough decision ahead of you:) the royal donkey will surely help you out:)

  2. I got very beautiful buttons too. I'm thinking some kind of buttoned neckwarmer. But I don't have a donkey to help me decide, which makes it harder ;-).

  3. Hehe. I like your little ascii fish :)
    I'm glad you like the buttons, and I'm sure you'll find some great projects for them. (Or if they sit in a button box for a while, that's good too!)

  4. What is it about buttons??? I have a large collection...and I'll freely admit there are some that I love too much to ever use...I just get a kick out of looking at them ;)

    The yarn is a beautiful shade of blue...can't wait to see what you decide to make :)