Wednesday, 22 September 2010

trekking knitting kits :)

The very popular Trekking (XXL) and Maxima yarn.. along with sock and glove knitting kits have arrived (very quickly!) and I've photographed and listed them ...

I'm currently patiently waiting for a package full of about 7 individually wrapped presents to arrive in the post from an unknown person somewhere in the blogosphere!
...and.... no!...  it's waaay too early for Santa! 
but Eskimimi (obviously from the same area) has arranged for me (and other lucky persons) to receive a pile of presents... anonymously at this time of year, and I know mine are to arrive soon.. yay :)


  1. wow cool! How did you luck out with that deal ? :)

  2. I'm finally putting my package IN the mail tomorrow!

  3. sarah... it's a cool secret swap on the blog hub on ravelry... I'll blog the details when it arrives :)
    a tangled yarn... could it be heading in my direction? oh.. I do hope so! :)

  4. That top yarn looks like an Eskimimi kinda color - ssssh ! But I'm glad to see that Mini Mochi comes in more ...eye-friendly ....colors than those I've seen blogged about recently:-D