Friday, 1 October 2010

Blog Hub Swap... final day

For someone who dreams of owning a perfectly ordered, patchwork of a vegetable/fruit garden... but currently doesn't have the time ...
... this is the cutest gift :)... little matchsticks containing seeds that I can just poke into some compost... and water! Fantastic :)
Also, as it is sadly the last post of the Blog Hub Swap I thought I'd honour the message that came with Donkey... 'I want to frolic amongst the skeins...'

... amongst some araucania multi skeins ^..^ during today's photo shoot :)

I've enjoyed this swap so much due to the wonderful, thoughtful gifts my swap partner crudmonkey chose ... so the donkey and I are sending a big Thank You up to Edinburgh :)
... and, of course, another to Eskimimi... the blogger extraordinaire who organised this great swap :)


  1. Aw, look at donkey frolicking!

    I had such fun with this swap, and I'm so glad you did too!

  2. Cool seeds... will be fun to plant them in the Spring... Adore your new photos of the gorgeous Araucania wool... What a lucky donkey... wish I had a mountain of that wool to lose myself in too...

  3. Those are cool and the donkey pics are just so great! They make me smile...

  4. Those seeds are so fun and simple! And I love how the donkey has explored everything, lol.

  5. i love how your donkey keeps showing up:) i think i may have to try some of the araucania out...:) good luck with the garden:) those little seed packets look really cool:) and wasn't this such a fun swap? :) so glad eskimimi came up with the idea! clever gal:)