Sunday, 3 October 2010


The photo assignment on the yarnographers group on Ravelry is... weather and movement. Great! .. as I am in Wales... and if anyone has been trying to watch the Ryder Cup they may have noticed that the weather in Wales is dismally appalling which should make for great weather pictures :)
As I haven't worked out the shutter speed thing yet (to blur or catch movement) I started with some gentle water droplet movement ...

... on a David Austin rosebud in the garden... although I'd like to capture something a bit wilder ;)

I also recently updated the araucania photos on the website with some of my own... my favourite being..


  1. Lovely capture of the rose.

  2. oh wow! that rosebud is so sweet. i've been rather slack with this week's photo assignment - i'm waiting for good (and by that I mean bad) weather. just as well there isn't a deadline for submissions, eh?
    i'm liking the araucania shot too.

  3. Which David Austin rose is that ? His roses aren't usually as strong-scented as I'd like ...

  4. Hi Vivianne... it's Mayor of Casterbridge. I've got a small bed of DA roses outside the window and some don't have much of a scent... although this one has a lovely old rose scent. My favourite to look at is Teasing Georgia as it's a beautiful yellow with an old rose look... but it doesn't have a scent which is always disappointing. I'm a bit of a fan of old cottage garden style roses :)

  5. Very pretty! I always love your yarn but droplets on roses are divine!