Friday, 29 October 2010


The Manos del Uruguay Cooperative was started by 5 women in order to create employment for women in an economically deprived country. This was no mean feat in Uruguay in 1968 when women didn't have their own incomes. I love their yarn for it's beauty but also for what it represents.... there are now 17 individual cooperatives, each providing a local community with fair waged employment. 

I find the story of the Cooperative inspirational and particularly enjoy the following words by Elisabeth Sosa, an artisan and former president of the board

"We were learning to group, have meetings, administrate money, make decisions, organize orders, deliveries and stock, take charge of all the coop’s needs and make ourselves responsible for them. We grew up and found aptitudes we hadn’t imagined we had. It was a revolution.”


  1. Wow... I've seen Manos in local shops but as we know I am a Colinette FREAK and I've heard Manos is addictive. Didn't know it had such a great story! I will have to support this yarn now for sure! Thanks for this post!

  2. What a great accomplishment! Love that yarn too!

  3. Wow, very nice. Love, love the whole fair trade concept. It's so nice to buy something and know that the person who made it is really getting the money that the item is worth (as opposed to little kiddies working for pennies in a sweatshop :/).