Saturday, 25 December 2010

Presents, projects and virtual mothers

Macro Monday shot for over at Lisa's Chaos

My sister made me these lovely fingerless mittens and matching socks. The sky blue yarn is a skein I received from a wonderful Ravelry swap partner a couple of months ago... it's 50/50 silk and merino hand-dyed in Scotland by Belle Epoque Yarns. The mitten pattern is 'Mitt Envy' which I chose from Ravelry and Nikki tweaked a bit and the socks are 'Hot Waves' from 'The Joy of Sox'.

I'm so impressed by the fit of the mittens that I've already cast on using Nikki's revised notes for a pair in Mini Mochi Lake Trail. I'll leave out the cable pattern and change the rib to a shorter 1x1 so the mitts should look like they're plain stocking stitch but won't curl at the edges...

Mum wasn't able to get home for Christmas due to the weather so we had her with us virtually on skype for most of the day! This worked out pretty well for opening presents as I was the designated present opener for mum :) Then we cooked dinner with anyone who was passing the virtual mother having a quick chat on the way past... once again I feel this went pretty well.

Next it was time to eat and, as mum had prompted me to put a centrepiece on the table, someone was kind enough to carry her to the table to see the decorated reindeer (mmm) I had chosen.... and thoughtful enough to leave her there so that she join in with the eating, drinking and cracker pulling.... I'm not convinced that being a virtual dinner guest really cuts the mustard!!

Hope you all have had a good (or at least entertaining!) day :)


  1. Skype to the rescue! Very cool that you found a way to be together for the holidays. Can't wait to see people open the crackers here tonight, we make them every year. It's a lot of fun to find things to stuff into the crackers.

    What was the cheesiest joke you got?

  2. I totally skyped with my family all morning too! I wasn't able to get home due to finances, so it was a huge lifesaver. Did you guys have connection problems too? grr...

  3. Q. What did the penguin cop say to the penguin robber?
    A. Freeze!

    Yep we had a few connection problems at first but after reconnecting a couple of times the connection was alright

    skype certainly creates some funny situations

  4. It's amazing what we can do these days. This is why I'm addicted to electronics. :)

  5. What great mittens. You have inspired me to knit myself a pair. We shared Christmas by Skype with our family too! Happy New Year!

  6. Those mittens look so cute - I need a pair of fingerless ones for shooting in the cold.

  7. Love! I love the yarn choices too! We have a bride who is battering with us a bit on her photography and she is making us some of these - I will be sharing photos of them. :)