Friday, 15 April 2011


About 5 years ago we went on a summer camping holiday to Brittany for 3 weeks. While in central Brittany we were taken by the number of cute little cottages and ruins on the market for impressively low prices.
There was a picture in an Immobiliers (estate agent) of what seemed to be a fairly large bush with a chimney poking out the top which we passed over quickly. We were urged to view as she said it was in sound structural condition so we obliged.... and crawled through undergrowth to view an entirely pitch black interior...
I immediately loved the feeling of the place and it's situation on the edge of a Napoleonic town/village and virtually on the Nantes Brest canal.... and spent the next 6 months sorting out paperwork, remortgages and loans. We finally travelled over in January and signed the papers at the Notaires (solicitor) and went to view our purchase!!
Have you ever stayed in a stone cottage that hasn't had anyone living there in donkey's years? Let me tell you that it is absolutely freezing... much better to stay outdoors in a tent!
Our first big purchase was a Villager Log Burner :-)

Centre of the town SOOC Sunday
The canal 

Cottage on the right, barn on the left

mmm work!

Putting the floor slabs in in the living room


next job to lime render the kitchen.. OH's birthday present was a 1 day lime rendering course with Ty Mawr :)

small ruin in garden

Madonna found on gable end in barn

Kipper Loves France ^..^


  1. It is great to see the house moving forwards in renovations... won't be long now until you can relax a little when you are in France... what do you need to work on next?

  2. Building the stairs, rendering the kitchen, insulating upstairs, sealing kitchen floor... then onto the barn and outside :-)

  3. It looks fabulous - definitely worth all the work!!

  4. WOW WOW WOW!!! If you weren't dear to me, I'd be consumed with jealousy. It all looks so beautiful, and the bits that aren't beautiful now clearly will be beautiful when you're done. If you ever need someone to watch over it in your absence, I'm available. :)

  5. You are, of course, welcome anytime :)

  6. Nearing completion then!!!! what a lot of fun... Love the village photo for SOOC Sunday...

  7. Wow that is fantastic...what a charming cottage. Perfect place for a get away!

  8. What a beautiful little cottage! Quaint and lovely.

  9. Perfect for summer or spring getaway indeed

  10. Nice shots..Happy SOOC Sunday.

  11. looks lovely - the hard work will be worth it!