Monday, 19 April 2010


What with websites and blogs, work and the rest of it... it's hard to get any time to knit socks... I even tried knitting in the car (not in the driving seat ;) as someone said they found crocheting on car journeys fine... not at all like trying to read!

Hmmm... I managed about 8 minutes and then had to stop at a shop for some ibuprofen. Maybe if I ever get to the stage that I can knit without looking at it (like one particularly talented person I know) it'll be fine... until then I'll just look at the passing scenery and play car games (yes we still do this; longest standing fallback (other than car colour point system: highly competitive game), being 'who am I?'

Anyway, here's the 'sock' not kitchenered yet at the toe... it's really hard to take a picture of a sock when you're wearing it but this was the best shot and it's nothing like as nice as the sock really is (nb. I may be biased as i quite like wonky, uneven socks)

Really looking forward to Wonderwool Wales next week although my sister may not be able to make it over from Belfast because of the volcanic ash situation... meaning I'll be able to go to the sock knitting class and the lace knitting class as I already booked them. The thing is that I'm not sure I'm good enough to learn lace knitting, but I'll certainly give it a go... and I'll post about the day.


  1. Love the sock. Cool colours. Have fun at wonder wool. Wish I was going to be there!