Monday, 31 May 2010

Economic Turbulence and Sock Knitting

Ever wondered where the more creative types hide out when the macro economic climate is uncertain.... Certainly in the UK arts initiatives are always the first to go, so with an absence of government subsidised arty places to visit and with the prospect of less cash... what do you do?
In fact an artistic life can be a whole lot better without the polished commercialism of a lot of the places I’ve visited in the ‘good’ years; how many perfect photos of cups of coffee and cupcakes can you be indoctrinated with? I mean it all became a bit indistinguishable, if you get my drift...
Anyway we’re now, once again, going to be encouraged to put on our own eccentric caps... and get on with it! 
So, going back to all the wonderful centuries of times past (before the last, say, 40 years of progressive plasticism) people are stumbling along uncertain, unconcreted paths, towards the comforting, useful and creative skills which our grandmother’s took for granted... like knitting!
Personally I’ve gone for socks/sock yarn, because modern sock yarn is just so blinking beautiful and, as you only need small quantities, you can tap your hat to richer times without breaking the bank!
Modern living does have it’s advantages in the form of incredible natural fibre yarns and easy access through the internet. 
Hopefully the subdued economic climate will encourage a newfound love of handmade individualism!

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