Thursday, 20 May 2010

shop talk

I just got the most glorious new yarn ... Silk Garden Sock 87. As always with Noro silk garden... no matter who's taking the pictures ...they just never manage to do justice to the beauty of the yarn
I also picked another Araucania Ranco Multi (496) and for my first Ranco solid I went for shade 491 which is the softest dove grey. I've also picked up some Kureyon Sock yarn shade 253... the colour used to knit my kureyon socks.
I haven't had time to list these in the shop yet as school's hectic at the minute with tests, marking, reports, assessment ............. summer :) but i'll try to get them up over the weekend.

I'm really excited about the  Crystal Palace Bamboo 6" double pointed needles I've ordered in sizes 2.5, 2.75, 3, 3.25 and 3.5mm for the shop.......

.. I Do Believe that I'm gonna be the only place selling these in the uk (and possibly the whole of Europe!!!).... as I spent an age trying to find a stockist and couldn't find one. I'm so excited as these are... as far as I can see... by far the most popular dpns across the pond in the USofA and I have no idea why nobody over here sells them.  I'll need a set in each size for research purposes... of course... so I'll keep you posted!

Now then...mmm... I may need a new dpn holder!!

 My new knitting bag is brilliant!! it's a black army surplus satchel (like we used for school when I was a teenager) I picked up in a shop on the coast road near Aberaeron for a couple of quid... it's just the right size for my small projects tho I'm sure bigger projects would fit in nicely. There's lots of space for a notebook, patterns and a pencilcase tin for dpns. I'm thinking of making a couple of small internal compartments for various bits... whenever summer arrives ;)

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  1. Cool

    Can't wait to try the new needles. I love knitting with bamboo.

    New colours sound wonderful. More to add to my stash.