Sunday, 26 September 2010

Blog Hub Swap Day 2

The clue on todays pressie said... a knitter can never have too many...
on opening an ornately embroidered purse appeared.... with treasure inside!!

that is... knitter's treasure aka (very pretty!) stitch markers :).... cooool! thankyou crudmonkey ^..^

Also, inspired by a thread by ewenique in the yarnography group on Ravelry... i took my camera in search of water... and ended up at the Elan Valley in mid-Wales..

... donkey? ^..^


  1. what a gorgeous shot of water!

    and your stitch markers are luverly too! they are brimming with happy :)

  2. lovely stitchmarker! I really like the donkey, yes to more photo props in daily lives!

  3. I'm glad you like them! I liked the beads so much that I bought a few extra to make earrings for myself :)

  4. Stitch markers are fabulous... what a cute purse... you live in such a beautiful part of Wales...

  5. What lovely stitchmarkers and useful purse to put things in. Great shot of the roaming donkey.

  6. Those look like cool stitchmarkers! And I love that photo of the donkey in front of the pond. I keep coming back and looking at that one.