Sunday, 28 November 2010

Macro Monday birds and yarn

There's a bird's nest just above my front door. As I live in a cottage this is fairly low head height and easily viewed from the living room, albeit through glass...

The residents often sit around admiring the view from their garden :>

Seeing as there's snow outside I took some sock yarn shots as well...
Fyberspates Magic
If you fancy joining in Macro Monday have a look over on Lisa's Chaos.


  1. I adore the first photograph... wonderful little male house sparrow... who actually lives in a house!!!

  2. I love the shot of the 2 birds through the window panes. How charming.

  3. i love these little birds!
    great shots

  4. Cute and lovely macro :)

  5. Beautiful!!!! Darling little bird!!! Have a grand day! Cathy

  6. Poor birds in the snow - but there's sun in your photo!

    Love the yarn, too!

  7. Heh, another overlap! Its nice to have a spot where you can put a bird feeder to see the feathered clowns playing out there. Its really funny when a large bird (robin, crow, bluejay) tries to land and perch on the teeny seed house we have put up now. The cheeky little finches and sparrows barely move away when we are walking beneath them to the front door.

    One day I drove up the drive and managed a few shots from in the car looking at my house.

    I can only wish they turned out as spectacular as yours! Guess I need a bit more patience....

  8. I am always amazed with your pictures. The Sparrow looks fantastic!

  9. How exciting! I love watching bird families!