Friday, 26 November 2010

Winter :)

View from my garden
Winter certainly arrived in Wales this afternoon; by the time I got home from school the roads were white and icicles hung from the garden shed...

I love snowy days and evenings by the fire..


  1. Amazing icicles, they are really long... how cosy to be able to have the open fire... love your snowy scene... we only have a light snowfall here although it frosted last night and became ice so it is treacherous...

  2. A toastty fire is the best thing after taking a bunch of icy shots outdoors! Lovely. I'm looking forward to getting home and checking out the pressed wood blocks my husband bought for the city stove. While I'm traveling here in Vancouver I stay at a place with a gas fireplace - not the same at all. You pic is the feast of fire my eyes long for already!